not so lonely fireflies - Eric Carle style

We love Eric Carle's stories.

And we love his art.

It is impossible NOT to get the paints out and create after enjoying reading one of our many Eric Carle books. 

action painting like Jackson Pollock

In the Spring, kindergarten kids tend to get a little (more) wiggly.

They need movement.

They need action.

It was time to learn about Jackson Pollock, and try our version of action painting.

I Wish You More: read and create

I wish you more is a beautiful books of a parent's wishes for a child.

But kids can also have wishes for their parents (and not just the "I want to eat candy for breakfast, and stay up late" kind of wishes.

I Wish You More inspired us to think about wishes for our mums.

Making wishes leads one's thoughts to dandelion seeds.

And that lead us to creating wishes for our mamas.

Aliens Love Underwear - read and play (with play dough)

Underwear is a bit of a giggle.

Aliens who love underwear - that's downright hilarious.

At least if you are 5 years old!

Perfect for reading and playing with play dough.

counting outside in the forest

Out to the forest we went, ten groups, two by two, paper bags in hand.

Instructions were to work together to collect 10 items found in the forest - they could not choose 10 of the same thing. (We did not want 100 pinecones!)

a week on a Turkish farm

Once upon a time (well, actually the second week in October, 2013), a flat blue cat spent a week on a Turkish farm.

Flat Pete did the usual farm things.

He visited the goats (and hoped that they did not nibble him).


Interrupting Chicken: read and craft

Do you know an "interrupting chicken"?

Someone who does not seem able to let another person finish their story or what they were saying  without jumping in and finishing for them.

Every kindergarten class has a goodly share of interrupting chickens.

That make David Ezra Stein's book pure gold.

LOVE paintings - inspired by Robert Indiana

Love inspires art.

We were inspired by Robert Indiana's iconic work.

heart geoboard exploration

The kids have been busy making patterns, seeing connections, playing with geometry, using their fine motor skills, co-operating and being creative this week.

Our heart geoboard was a popular spot.

painting like Ted Harrison

We just loved Ted Harrison's paintings.  

They are so bright and cheerful (in fact, Harrison called his work "Cheery style") and are so distinctive - we figured that they were perfect for a kindergarten painting project. 

star sensory bin

Stars are touched with mystery and magic.  

They are tiny and beautiful, and at the same time immense and unfathomable.

We use them for determining direction, have made up stories about them, and have beliefs about their position determining the course of our lives.

And simple enough to put in a bin and explore with our senses.

Christmas tree forts

Usually we take our Christmas tree to be chipped after Christmas.

But not any more

How to Catch a Star: read and sensory play

Oliver Jeffers is one of our favourite authors. 

He captures the limitless imagination of childhood, while gently pushing his grown up reading audience towards life truths. Truths that kids just seem to "get"; maybe adults have forgotten them ...

We read How to Catch a Star. And then we played it. In a sensory bin. 

simple Christmas angel ornaments

Sometimes simple is best.  

Easy to make angels - capture the simple magic of the Christmas season.

Honestly, a Christmas craft does not get much easier than this.  Which is a good thing, since I volunteered the k-kids to make enough angels to decorate a Christmas tree located in our school foyer that invites families to donate a gift for a child who won't have much under the tree. Children make angels to encourage others to be Christmas angels for children.


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